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Software professional by profession, having numerous areas of interests... including photography. Driven by logic, inspired by nature around me. Logic, allows me to have comfortable living by earning ....
Photography allows me to stop and take the time to really examine the splendor in the world around me. I am intrigued and nourished by Nature in all its forms – minuscule to magnificent. From the intimate detail of a flower, to the intricacy and symmetry of a bird’s feathers, to the many layers in a magnificent panoramic vista, I truly believe I am better for taking the time to really “see”.

My photography is my attempt to capture the magic of our world and is a celebration of the world where I live and the places I’ve visited. All of my photos are captured “out in nature”, so expect to find small surprises or something unexpected in the landscape or flowers – I always do. As I like to note “there’s always a bug”!

I am particularly interested in exploring the essence of the nature around us. To that end, I experiment with depth of focus to highlight a specific part of the scene that I feel captures the core of the subject. I make no attempt at documentary style imagery – I want the viewer to actually feel immersed in the image. For me, a viewer that walks away having “smelled the green” is success.

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